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Steve Batdorff, Realtor

Direct: 231-218-2000
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Traverse City-Randolph St.
521 Randolph Street
Traverse City, MI 49684



How does the Map work?  When a search is performed, results of the search will show up on the map as red, green or yellow buttons (a small round circle on the map).  Each button represents a property found by the search.

Search Map Results:  When the Map opens, search results Buttons that appear represent ALL PROPERTIES CURRENTLY LISTED in the search area, including all Homes, all Vacant, all Condos and all Commercial.  (TIP)…To improve search results, above the Map is the “Search Criteria” area which can be used to refine the search by price range, type of property, minimum acreage, square footage, etc.

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Moving the Map:  The visible Map can be moved by grabbing it with the “Mouse” (left click the Mouse, grab the Map and move it.  This can be done at any time.

Zoom-In or Zoom-Out on the Map:  Use the “+/-“ Bar in the upper left corner of the Map.  Zoom-In by clicking the “+” or Zoom-Out by clicking the “-.”

Zoom-In on the Map:  Use the “Draw Search Area” box in the upper left corner of the map.  Left click the Mouse on the box and then left click the Mouse to draw a search area box over the area on the Map to be searched.

“Properties Found“ by the search:  Above the Map is a highlighted box indicating how many properties have been found by the search.  (IMPORTANT)…Before any Buttons will show on the Map, the number of properties found has to be 500 or less…so if no properties are showing on the Map, Zoom-In on the area being searched until 500 or less properties our found.  Use any of the Tools above to Zoom-In on the Map

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Move Mouse over a Button on the Map:  When this is done, an information Bubble will appear over the Button…clicking on the Bubble will open a detailed information page and photos of the property.  To go back to the Map from the information page, close the Tab at the top of the page.  (TIP)…Grab and move the Map slightly to close information Bubbles on the Map.

Property Scroll Window Below the Map:  Property information regarding each Button that’s currently shown on the Map is also displayed below the Map in a scrollable list.  As the property information is scrolled and the Mouse is moved over each property's information, the property’s Button on the Map is marked by an information Bubble…this is an easy way to locate a property on the Map, especially if several hundred Buttons are currently on the Map

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