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>>Search and map ALL LISTINGS<<

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TO START SEARCHING...Click above on... ">>Search and Map ALL LISTINGS<<"

ADJUST MAP...Zoom Map OUT to show the location in Michigan to Search. Next, zoom IN on the specific location until listing buttons show on the Map.

REFINE SEARCH...On the "Map Search" page above the Map enter your search parameters:  FIRST--Choose your search type...looking for a Home, Condo, Vacant, Commercial Property, etc; SECOND--set the Search price range; and THIRD--set the specific search parameters (this step is Optional). 

PROPERTY DETAILS...On the Map Page, located below the map, is a scroll list of the listing buttons currently showing on the Map…when cursor is moved over each property on this list, its location is indicated on the map -- NOTE: If you double click a property on the scroll list or map bubble a detailed property information page opens..."It's almost to easy!"

OTHER MAP FEATURES:  No sign-in as often as you like.  You can grab & move the map to change the search location; Try the "Draw Search Area" function; or Change between a map or satellite view…very cool.  Need help...Click Here.

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